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The Writing River Workshops

The Writing River workshops make space to write. To find your voice, develop your writing, experiment on the page and have fun. Each session we show up together, create new writing, and be part of growing a writing community.


Writing workshops use a method based on the belief that every person is a writer, and every writer deserves a safe environment in which to experiment, learn, and develop craft.  All writing is treated as fiction, allowing us to write where our pens take us.  We create and share work in an open and supportive environment, experiencing how inspiring and fun it can be to see our written work take form.

Why Join a Workshop?

  • Give yourself the time and place to devote to writing each week.

  • Prompts, timed writings, listening to others will spark/get your writing going in new directions.  

  • It’s a judgement-free zone - no critiquing, no homework

  • Connect and write with others


About Us

As seasoned facilitators, we offer the space, create the container and provide opportunities to explore as writers. Hearing your and others’ authentic voice and experiencing the full acceptance of it is transformational.


Marisa Gelfusa is a writer of short fiction and poetry. Her writing has appeared in various collections such as, “Telling Stories: New English Fiction from Québec”, “The Broken Social Scene Story Project”, and “Columba Poetry Quarterly". Marisa resides in Montreal, Quebec and offers workshops in English and French.


She combines her own learning journey through writing with her skills as an adult education specialist and facilitator to offer workshops that are thoughtfully developed and an invitation to come out and play.

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Karen Jones is a writer of non-fiction and poetry. She wrote a YA novel a few years ago. Her writing appears in “Scribe”, “P.S.I Love You” and “Weeds and Wildflowers”.  You can read  some of her current writing on Medium. Karen resides in Toronto, Ontario.

She brings her experience as a facilitator of both writing and arts programs. Karen knows that writing can end up in the back seat of a car filled with work, kids, family and life. Her thoughtful and joyful workshops offer an invitation back into the front. In June 2020, Karen became certified as an AWA facilitator.


"In spite of working full-time, I always carve out time to write with our group. Writing together with the group lifts me up every single time. I come away buoyed by the power of creativity and community."


Mary L., Seattle, Washington


Upcoming Workshops

Tuesday Write Night, 7pm, ongoing

Each Tuesday we invite our community to join us for a drop-in facilitated writing workshop, from 7 - 8:15 pm


How it works: Email us to set up a call and see if what we're offering, is what you're looking for. We'll add to you our weekly invite list. Every Saturday we send out an invite for Tuesday's writing drop in and you let us know if you're coming!

All workshop sessions will be held on Zoom.

Email or complete the form below to sign-up or inquire.

What A workshop looks like

  • Review of our group practices/guidelines

  • Timed write in response to prompt offered

  • Read our writing to each other, if we choose

  • Acknowledge that we’ve heard the reader with a thank-you, or response

  • Repeat!

  • Build a creative community together

A word after a word after a word is power.

                                                  Margaret Atwood


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